Fine Art Prints

George Fellner's images have been published in books, journals, magazines, travel guides, and business publications.  His limited edition fine art prints have been exhibited in art galleries, museums, and in permanent art collections. 

Purchasing Prints

Images are available for purchase as fine art photographs and all prints are titled and signed.  Photographs are on digital pigmented ink archival prints. They are unmatted and mailed in acid-free plastic sleeves. 

Prints with larger dimension ranging from:
15" to 20" @ $150 each
10" to 13" @ $100 each

Actual sizes may vary, depending upon image proportions. 
Shipping charges vary between $6 and $15.

The Imaginary Realms series is avaliable only as limited edition prints.

For ordering prints, pricing information on limited edition prints, or for larger print size requests, contact George Fellner Photography

Types of Photography Services

Photo Essay

Photo essays involve the photo documentation of places including architectural, historic themes and details, village and urban settings, as well as landscapes.  The strategy may involve subject research, a series of photo shoots, digital work flow processing, presentation design, text development, and the preparation of prints or a digital slide show presentation.  George has presented to professional organizations, business and community groups, historical societies, planning and historical commissions, schools, art guilds, and camera clubs.


GFP has done all of the architectural exterior/interior photographs for Fellner Associates Architects. In addition, GFP has photographed projects for contractors, real estate, manufacturers, and other groups.


Product photography utilizes a variety of studio settings and techniques to express and optimize objects.  The resulting photographs have appeared in trade shows, posters, brochures, websites, and marketing materials.

Event and Portrait

Special assignments for photographing portraits include theater productions, media/marketing, and promotional images. 


GFP has done portrait work with show dogs for both agility and breed.  The resulting photographs have appeared in article publications, marketing materials, ads, and websites, as well as fine art prints.


Photo shoots and post-photo editing services are available at $100 per hour.

Usage Provisions

GFP maintains copyrights to all original photographs.  Any requested use of photos for websites, magazine articles, books, or ads requires the following provisions:

  • Permission is requested from GFP by email or phone.
  • Credit for each photo used to include:  © George Fellner Photography.  All rights reserved.
  • Digital version to be provided by GFP for appropriate file size for each use.
  • Use charge per photo varies upon type of use.
  • Contact George Fellner Photography for pricing information.


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