Presentations and Workshops

George Fellner regularly gives presentations and workshops for Connecticut camera clubs, art guilds, schools, and numerous community groups. Groups include:

Connecticut Valley Camera Club, New Haven Camera Club, Coastal Camera Club, Southeastern Connecticut Camera Club, Simsbury Camera Club, North Haven Camera Club, Cape Cod Art Association Camera Club, Photo Connection of Colchester, Shutter-Buds Photo Group, East Haddam Historical Society and Museum, North Stonington Historical Society, Friends of Gillette Castle, East Haddam Art League, Acorn Club of Connecticut, Fishers Island School, Deep River High School, Lapidary and Mineral Society of Central Connecticut, Bristol Gem and Mineral Club, 2019 CT Architecture Conference and Expo at Mohegan Sun Earth Expo and Convention Center, AIA Connecticut

Pictures at an Exhibition
A Mindset for Creative Photography

This program explores the characteristics and attributes that make a photograph successful.  While there are numerous categories and genres of subject material, there are nonetheless certain common denominators that can be used to determine what makes a good photograph.  Specifically, there is a set of criteria that can be defined as objectives.  For example, an image should have impact and possess a certain attraction that is both compelling as well as captivating for the viewer.  A creative expression that is unique and imaginative, helping to convey a message, is paramount for a photograph that is intended to leave a lasting impression.  Furthermore, drama and emotion have the propensity to affect the viewer’s experience.  The elements of composition certainly are a part of the equation, as well as the technical understanding of proper lighting, color balance, resolution, detail, contrast, tonal gradation, among other specific aspects. Through a discussion of concepts, strategies, and process, George Fellner presents a mindset for creative photography.  His use of visual examples helps to illustrate the positive and negative aspects of a photograph in a descriptive and revealing manner.  The intent is to provide an understanding of what makes a good photograph and of what is involved in judging images in a photo show.  Ultimately, as photographers, we all strive to learn what works for Pictures at an Exhibition.

Imaginary Realms
The Art of Stones and Crystals

This program reveals the visual exploration of stones and crystals through macro photography as illustrated through the theme of Imaginary Realms.  Starting with a discussion about mineralogy, George Fellner describes the initial spark for this journey and the criteria for the implementation of this Earth source material.  The description of camera and lighting equipment, along with the photo shoot setup reveals some of the technical considerations.  Through the visual display of images, he discusses the ongoing evolvement of this unique form of abstract imagery.  Influential art movements including Impressionism, Expressionism, Cubism, and Surrealism are examined.  In particular, the revelations involving points of departure include messages from history, mythology, geology, astronomy, biology, and many other themes.  In turn, this defines the associative relationships of the images with meaningful messages.  Consequently, the creative process results in Imaginary Realms, evoking ancient and future fantasies, as well as planetary and cosmic-scapes, traversing space, time, and dimension.  Ultimately, the intent is to stimulate the imagination of both the photographer, as well as the observer.  The presentation includes case studies, photographic and post processing techniques, lighting strategies, as well as gallery show examples. 

Architectural Photography
Concepts and Strategies

This program covers the essentials of architectural photography in terms of concepts and strategies.  The subjects include equipment, camera settings, goals, building/site context, lighting, composition, people, culture, perspective, architectural elements and details, among other topics, as they relate to both interior and exterior architectural photography.  In addition, playful juxtapositions are presented, revealing the potential for creative images.  Furthermore, the multiple and integrated use of architectural photography for the design process and architectural practice as a whole are illustrated with actual projects.  This program is for anyone who is interested in the built environment and in photographing the rich diversity that is inherent in architecture.  As both an architect and a photographer, George Fellner provides his unique perspective on architectural photography, reviewing strategies, and sharing his personal experiences.

Creating Your Photography Book
Design and Publishing

Photographers may sometimes ponder the notion of potentially creating a photography book.  There are certainly numerous components to consider and many options to evaluate.  This presentation explores the initial spark for a book idea, theme and message, along with the development of contents.  A review of format, text, image, layout, and associated criteria is presented and the bookmaking process is outlined.  Traditional publishing is discussed along with the strategies for submission.  In turn, self-publishing is presented with design/layout options, example features, format, content requirements, text specifics, image specifics, and importing information.  The mindsets for cover design, book review, and basic strategies are discussed along with a case study.  In addition, there is an outlined review of the upload process for both printed books and eBooks, as well as a discussion about selling platforms.  Marketing strategies are also reviewed.  Ultimately, the intent of this presentation is to demystify the processes and to inspire photographers interested in the design and publishing of a photography book.

Optimizing Depth of Field in Photography
Process of Focus Stacking

The realities of depth of field sometimes pose limitations for certain types of photography.  3-Dimensional subjects, particularly in macro-photography, are challenging with regard to establishing sharp focus throughout the composition.  The process of focus stacking involves taking a series of photographs at multiple focus points which are combined into a single photograph with optimized depth of field in sharp focus.  This presentation reviews concepts, rationale, photo shoot process, step-by-step procedures, and software options, along with graphic examples.  In addition, there is a step-by-step focus stacking demonstration using Photoshop.

Green Homes Optimization
Diversity in Sustainable Strategies

The present mindset for Green Homes certainly raises questions of appropriateness and optimization in terms of sustainable strategies.  This program reviews the realities of energy and climate as well as the criteria for a Green Home.  Specific issues regarding site, water and energy use, air quality, and materials are addressed.  In turn, the diversity of sustainable strategies are presented including envelope/insulation, natural daylighting,  windows, appliances/fixtures, lighting types, recyclable/renewable materials, building re-use/additions, indoor air quality, construction waste, space and water heating,  wood energy, passive solar, photovoltaics, wind, and a focus on geothermal systems.  Numerous case studies help illustrate the implementation of concepts.  This program concludes with a review of the environmental benefits of sustainable design.

Warneke Exhibit
A Visual Introspective

Heinz Warneke, the renowned sculptor from East Haddam, designed the stone sculpture which dresses the South Portal of the Washington National Cathedral.  The actual plaster tympanum model of The Last Supper and the Road to Emmaus is now a permanent exhibit at the East Haddam Historical Society Museum.  Warneke’s naturalist modeling technique with 19th century roots is coupled with his command of 20th century innovations in materials and fabrication methods.  His skillful juxtaposition of human forms and faces, plant and animal life, along with architectural elements illustrates his mastery at revealing the essence of his subjects.  This digital slide presentation attempts to reveal the complex subject material of Warneke’s art which is expressed through multiple levels of meaning that have the propensity to touch one’s soul.  As a photographic journey, a detailed viewing of the Tympanum and other artworks is a study in expression, emotion, and significant understandings.  In addition, the historical profile, personality, studio context, and a discussion of the art of Warneke is presented. 

The Aesthetics of a Castle
The Architecture & Landscape of Gillette Castle

There is potential for the celebration of architecture and landscape, juxtaposed in terms of historical context.  The goal is to discover multiple expressions representing the many faces, moods, and personalities of the world of Gillette Castle.  Thus, a visual journey exploring form and light with the intent of creating evocative images can transform, transcend, communicate, and often surprise the observer.  Indeed, the transformation of the familiar into the unique can be an enlightening as well as a rejuvenating experience.  This photo-digital slide presentation serves as a vehicle for this visual journey.

Pastoral Images

This presentation represents a celebration of the idealized country life in terms of the visual environmental context that is inherently present in East Haddam, CT.
landscapes   farms   fields   hills   valleys   lakes   ponds   streams   rivers   waterfalls   plants   flowers   horses   cows   chickens   barns   silos   greenhouses   farmhouses   machines   tools   ornaments   signs

East Haddam Barns
A Pictorial Survey

The pastoral character of East Haddam is enhanced by a plethora of barn subject material.  Using his camera and lenses, George Fellner searches for unique and stimulating representations of the built and natural environment, celebrating the history, architecture, and landscape of this quintessential Connecticut town.  In this program, he reviews the basic history of barns, barn typology, and construction integrated with a series of visual case studies.  The selected images portray a range of barn types, including old as well as recently constructed manifestations of the barn theme.  The intent is to evoke an appreciation of the past and to realize the relevance of the past within the context of the present.


Creating Your Book on Architecture; Design and Publishing; Uncasville, CT, Sept 2019; New Haven, CT, Jun 2020 (virtual)

Imaginary Realms: The Art of Stones and Crystals; East Haddam, CT, May 2017; Cheshire, CT, Nov 2018; Salem, CT, Feb 2019; Meriden, CT, May 2019; Bristol, CT, May 2020 (virtual)

The Multiplicity of a Connecticut River Town: Exploring Architectural Diversity in East Haddam; East Haddam, CT, Sept 2018; East Haddam, CT, Nov 2019

Creating Your Photography Book: Design and Publishing; Old Lyme, CT, Dec 2016; Hamden, CT, Feb 2019

Rock Art Explorations; Fishers Island, NY, Feb 2016

Optimizing Depth of Field in Photography: Process of Focus Stacking; Deep River, CT, Jun 2015; Wethersfield, CT, June 2018; North Haven, CT Nov 2019

Pictures at an Exhibition: A Mindset for Creative Photography; Deep River, CT, Feb 2013; Simsbury, CT, March 2013; East Haddam, CT, Feb 2015

Warneke Exhibit: A Visual Introspective; East Haddam, CT, Sept 2009

Architectural Photography: Concepts & Strategies; Deep River, CT, Aug 2009; Deep River, CT, March 2010; Madison, CT, May 2010; Centerbrook, CT, Feb 2017; W. Barnstable, MA, May 2018

Green Homes Optimization: Diversity in Sustainable Strategies; East Haddam, CT, Feb 2009; Portland, CT, March 2009; New Haven, CT, Oct 2009; Waterbury, CT, March 2010; Old Lyme, CT, Jan 2014   

East Haddam Barns: A Pictorial Survey; East Haddam, CT, Oct 2008

Imaginary Realms: Macro-Photography of Stones and Crystals; Deep River, CT, March 2008; Waterford, CT, Oct 2008; Madison, CT, Oct 2009; Colchester, CT, Jan 2016

Image Enhancement and Optimization: Photoshop Workflow; Deep River, CT, Jan 2008; New Haven, CT, Feb 2009; Deep River, CT, March 2009

Pastoral Images; East Haddam, CT, Sept 2007

The Aesthetics of a Castle:  The Architecture and Landscape of Gillette Castle; East Haddam, CT, Sept 2006; New Haven, CT, Oct 2007; Wethersfield, CT, Nov 2007; East Haddam, CT, Sept 2015; N. Stonington, CT, Sept 2017; East Haddam, CT Sept 2018

Geothermal Systems: An Alternative Strategy for Sustainability; Milford, CT, Sept 2006; Cromwell, CT, March 2007; Cromwell, CT, May 2007; New Haven, CT, June 2007; Milford, CT, Oct 2007; Mystic, CT, Oct 2007; Old Lyme, CT, Oct 2007; Boston, MA, May 2008; Cromwell, CT, June 2009

Main Street, East Haddam: An Architectural Experience; East Haddam, CT, June 2005; Deep River, CT, Nov 2005; N. Stonington, CT, April 2017

A Taste of Hungarian Architecture; New Haven, CT, Nov 2004

The Architecture of First Congregational Church; East Haddam, CT, May 2004

Connect Greenway; East Haddam, CT, Jan 1997



Gillette Castle

Pastoral Images


Geothermal Systems

Green Homes

Sea of Diversity