Soap Films


This series is the result of working with Casey Carle, bubble artist, entertainer, and consultant, who initiated the idea for a project collaboration
to photograph his soap films and bubbles. 

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Rainbow Eyes


Dragon Dance


Momentary Lifeforms


Entity of the Ephemeral Kind


Spectral Planet 1


Spectral Planet 3

Sentient Spheroid



Terra Dome



During two photo shoots, Casey utilized his expertise, skills, and talents to create a multitude of film bubble types and variations.  In turn, George Fellner utilized his photographic artistry to compose the images during the photo shoots, followed by final composition and optimization during the post-processing phase.  Ultimately, George’s goal was to capture the ephemeral realities of Casey’s evocative soap films and bubbles, and to compose these moments into a perpetual,
unique form of expressionist imagery. 

Prismatic Orchestra



Liquid Choreography


Liquid Dreams


Image Hunters of the Bubble Realm

Spectral Planet 2

Spectral Planet 4

Moments of a Distant Planet



Inner World