Mystical Moonlight

Group 1

Imaginary Realms

The process begins with the visual exploration of stones and crystals that store information revealing intriguing patterns, formed since time immemorial.  Playful experimentation with light, glass, and mixed media is often implemented in some recent works.  While the eyes survey the compositions of colors, tonal variations, and textures, the mind is stimulated to visualize a myriad of possibilities.  Through photographic impressionism, nature’s hidden beauty is extracted from within real-world materials.  The act of discovery is then juxtaposed with hidden memories and inner dreams, manifesting as the shutter-click of a captured vision.  The creative process results in Imaginary Realms, evoking ancient and future fantasies, as well as planetary and celestial-scapes, traversing space, time, and dimension.

Ultimately, the observer may perceive and experience these visions as alternative realities either in terms of commonalities or unique interpretations.  Using one’s frame of reference, surrealistic data is transformed into a multi-sensual understanding, resulting in personal impressions.  Serving as catalysts, the images inspire the observer to partake in visual discovery, invoke inner dreams, and perhaps even tell a story.  A subtle sense of familiarity can even trigger a feeling of déjà vu.  Indeed, the experience of immersion within these Imaginary Realms may actually feel quite real and alive, enabling one’s spirit to shift fluidly between ordinary reality and alternative realities. 

Lakota Prophecies

Group 2

Crystal Palace

Group 3

Essence of Spirit

Group 4